Bass Fishing Lake Davidson – with a Shaky Tail

Davidson, NC     Lake Davidson is a fun and productive body of water for bass fishing.  The lack of access and boats puts less pressure on the fishery.  Here is one of my favorite strategies for catching bass from a boat or the shore.  I like it from a kayak.  The key is an extremely slow retrieve after you cast.

I use Zoom Shaky Tails ($5.29 per pack) on a Spot Remover Jig Head ($5.49 per pack) which I purchased at Bass Pro Shop.  My favorite colors of Shaky Tails are Watermelon and Green Pumpkin, but Black is the most popular.  In the picture below I rigged one.  You slide the bottom of the worm onto the ribbed point below the hook and then put the hook through the side of the worm showing minimum barb for weedless retrieve.


Tie this on and cast it out and try to avoid sunken trees which you can snag.  Retrieve this extremely slowly – slower than you expect.  I like to slowly jig it to create action.  Keep a sharp eye on your line because often you won’t feel a hit, but you’ll start to see your line move through the water after a bass picks it up.  Then game on.

Let me know how it goes.  Tight lines!

Davidson North Carolina Weather

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4 thoughts on “Bass Fishing Lake Davidson – with a Shaky Tail

  1. I have been wade fishing the area around the nature preserve with no luck. Any other places on the lake I can wade?

    1. Hi Morris. I fished from a kayak, but the retrieve on those is critical. Retrieve slowwww. Watch for the pick up then set the hook. I have had some luck also using a Hadden Super Spook with the walk the dog retieve across the shallows. I’ll see what else I can find, I got both strategies from pros at Bass Pro in Concord.

  2. I am now fishing from a yak also. Having some success. Let me know if you want to fish together sometime.

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