Are Burgers a theme? – Here is the Greatest new spot – The Barcelona Burger & Beer Garden – Mooresville

Our tour of the best burger joints continues by accident.  It seems an unhealthy theme is arising on our blog.  Look for more pics from the greenway as I work off my dining research.   The Barcelona Burger & Beer Garden was not on my radar, but my wife mentioned it and we decided to check it out.  Their name says beer garden so we decided to Uber from Davidson to Mooresville so we could fully research the spot.


It is very large and efficient.  If you’ve been to the amazing Alino Pizzeria in Mooresville you’ll love this spot.   Same building.  Same owner?  Check out the video of the space and yes, the line.  Always a good sign to have a long line and because they are so efficient it really moved.

The menu is straight forward and offers a good variety.  I tried a burger, my wife a chicken sandwich and my son the hot dog and mac and cheese.  The gelato bar looked tempting.IMG_0851

My wife being healthy.  Chicken sandwich with salad.


My son being 9.  Hot Dog with Mac and Cheese side.


Me doing the research for you.  A great burger.  Great Onion Rings.  The salad I ate on the side was healthy. (OK no salad)

This place is amazing, family friendly and close.   We hope you check it out.  You will not be disappointed.

The website with menu