Davidson Police increase traffic enforcement efforts

Davidson, NC   The Davidson Police Department passed out flyers informing Davidson North Carolina citizens of the new “Watch for Me-NC” efforts to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The enforcement of state traffic laws and town ordinances include:

  • passing a school bus while loading or unloading
  • unlawful use of mobile telephones for text messaging or electronic mail
  • speeding
  • vehicle driver violations of a crosswalk
  • pedestrian violations of not using a crosswalk (commonly referred to as “jaywalking”) or
  • crossing against a traffic light or crossing indicator.

So please drive safely around town.


Police statement ” We will begin with warnings to violators and then move toward issuing citations to violators. Fines ($25.00 up to $100,00) plus potential court costs ($188.00) for violating state law.”

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