The Farmers Market is on tomorrow 9-12

Hello DFM Shoppers,

We’re happy to be back this Saturday, Feb. 6 at 9am. With North Carolina’s extended stay-at-home directive we will limit the number of shoppers in the market at a time to keep everyone safe and healthy. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to shop, we ask that everyone minimize gathering within the market if not shopping. Additionally, several vendors are offering per-order options (those vendors are listed in our vendor offerings document with *PO next to their name) for pick-up at the market tent near the entrance. No need to wait in line, just come to the tent and one of our volunteers will get your orders for you.

While at the market this week, pick up items that you might need for Super Bowl. Several of our vendors have dips, dressings, snacks, and ingredients needed to make a full Super Bowl spread. With the markets every other week, this Saturday is a good time to shop for Valentine’s Day too. Vendors like Nonni’s Gourmet Kitchen will have Valentine treats and gifts available.

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!

Happy eating,


The Vendors | Saturday, February 6

Don’t miss these items available at market:

Coldwater Creek has kale, collards, mustard greens, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and grits; Nonni’s Gourmet Kitchen has boxed Italian strawberry jelly hearts for Valentine’s Day; Barbee Farms has Brussel sprouts, carrots, beets, and spinach; and Renn Bee Farm has local honey by the pound and quart.

If you choose pre-order and do not plan to shop in-person, you can skip the line and pick up your pre-order from the Market Tent (the red tent to the right of the Market entrance). Just give your name and who you pre-ordered from and our DFM volunteers will get your order for you.


Barbee Farms – A variety of fresh produce

Available this week:​ Many of your fall favorites will be on hand: brussel sprouts, carrots, spinach, green onions, kales, collards, and beets. To round out the fall offerings will be sweet potatoes, and white potatoes. Don’t forget to pick up some farm fresh eggs!

To Know:​ ​At our Davidson Market vending site, customers will be able to choose their own produce after proper hand sanitization.​ We will not be offering online ordering this weekend for Davidson market pick up but will have staff available to assist you with your shopping if requested. Online shopping for ​farm stand pick-up​ is available as a “no contact” shopping option. ​Visit our website (​​) for more info!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for those last minute additions to our market inventory!

Coldwater Creek Farm​​ ​*PO – Variety of produce, whole wheat flour, grits, and cornmeal 

Available this week:​ Carrots, kale, collards, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, celery, bok choy, Tatsoi, watermelon radishes, mustard greens, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and grits.

How to order:​ email at ​​​ or preferred text to 828.406.0849
Deadline:​ Friday, February 5, 5:00 pm

Fair Share Farm – Greens, roots, garnish, and specialty items

Available this week:​ Micro mix and a variety of micro separates like arugula, broccoli, and herbs.

Heritage Harvest Farm ​*PO – Wellness honey, mushrooms, heirloom produce, and flowers

How to order:​ Order via ​online store​ & don’t forget a la carte add-ons!

Deadline:​ Friday, February, 2:00 pm
Available this week:

Wellness: Honeys, CBD, Extracts       

– Wellness Honey (Reishi, Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps) + Wicked Whiskey, Creamed & Raw (6oz & pint)

– 100% HHF grown full spectrum CBD oil (625mg, 1250mg, 3000mg)

– Full Double Mushroom Extracts: Reishi, Cordyceps & Chaga + Turkey Tail


Lion’s Mane, Black Pearl, Velvet Pioppino, Shiitake, Oyster & dried mushrooms.

To Know: ​Free home delivery available for orders within 5 miles of Davidson. Enter code​ STRONGERTOGETHER​ to bypass shipping & note pick-up or delivery preferences at checkout.


Big Oak *​ PO – A variety of beef and pork products

How to order:​ Email at ​​, include order, name, and phone number
Deadline:​ Friday, February 5, 1:00 pm
To Know: Please visit for a full list of products

Gilcrest Natural Farm ​*PO – Pasture raised meats (no hormones, antibiotics, or gmo’s)

How to order:​ Please place pre-orders on our website, ​​​. Deadline:​ Friday, February 5, 1:00 pm

Available this week: ​ We have several new packages highlighted on our website – check out what’s in stock and stock up! ​  

Chicken:​ Whole birds, leg quarters, drumsticks, wings, split breast, boneless/skinless

breast, livers, hearts, feet, backs and necks for stock.

Beef. Steaks:​ ribeye, NY strip, filet, sirloin, Philly. ​Roasts:​ chuck roast, brisket, eye of round. ​Good stuff:​ground beef, stir fry strips, stew beef, liver, short ribs, chorizo, sweet Italian sausage, soup bones. Check the website for ground beef shares (10# or 20# each).

NEW Lamb (from vendor partner Sun Raised Foods).​ Shank, loin chops, shoulder steaks, ground lamb, neck steaks, bones for stock.

Free Range Eggs:​ (gmo-free feed) large and jumbo. Limited supply.

To Know:​​ Questions? 704-308-1431 Amy or ​​

Two Pigs Farm ​*PO – A variety of pork, beef, and chicken

How to order:​ Shop ​online​ and pre-order for pick-up
Deadline:​ Friday, January 8, Noon
Available this week:​ Please visit Two Pigs Farm website for a full list of products.


Blue Goat Dairy – Assorted goat cheese products


Butter Crust Bakery​​ ​– Freshly baked morning pastries

Available this week:​ ​​ Croissants:​ plain, chocolate, almond, pesto, spinach and chevre. ​Danish: raspberry bun, cream cheese, apple crumble, peach crumble, Bavarian cream and lemon, ube danish.

Festin Bakery ​NEW VENDOR

Scratch-made baked goods featuring sustainable, local ingredients

Your Moms Donuts ​*PO – A variety of fresh baked breads, pastries, and delicious donuts!

How to order: ​online ​

Deadline:​ Thursday, February 4, 10:00 pm
Available this week:​ Visit online store for current available products


Toro Loco Party Salsa – Fresh salsa and guacamole

Available this week:​ Guacamole, mild and medium salsa, and mango salsa.


Bleu Barn Bistro – Delicious farm to truck food, breakfast and lunch

Available this week:​ In addition to delicious breakfast and lunch options, Bleu Barn Bistro will also have their Bleu Barn Pantry items which include: jellies, jams, preserves, pickles, spice blends, and hot sauces.

Hercules Kettle Corn – Freshly popped kettle corn

Available this week:​​ Big Herc bag of kettle corn ($10), Lil Herc bag of kettle corn ($6).


Renn Bee Farm – Local honey by the pound and the quart [cash only]

Batistini Farms​​​ ​​*PO
Organic & Real Family Estate Olive Oil, Thick & Aged Balsamic, No Artificial or Additives, NON GMO & Gluten Free

How to order​​​: Pre-order ​​​online​ ​​or text Tom at 919-740-0998 ​Deadline:​​​ Friday, February 5, 5:00 pm
To Know:​​​ During checkout, under shipping, click Flat Rate and select LOCAL for $0

charge. Under notes add DFM

Cannizzaro Sauce – Authentic Italian sauces

Available this week:​​ ​(16oz & 32oz) Marinara sauce, Arrabbiata sauce, Mushroom Marinara sauce, Vodka sauce, Vegan marinara, Piccata sauce, and Variety 3 pack.

Earthly Dressings ​NEW VENDOR –  Mooresville

Dressings and marinades

Nonni’s Gourmet Kitchen​ ​NEW VENDOR – Foods with a southern flair to add spice and flavor to your life

Available this week:​ 16 oz Chow Chow, 9 oz Green Pepper Jelly, 9 oz. Red Pepper Jelly, 9 oz Cranberry Chutney, 16 oz Dancing Salsa, 16 oz Bada Bing Bada Beans, 16 oz Crazy Crunchy Carrots, 16 oz okra, 4 oz 4 nut brittle, 4 oz cashew brittle, 4 oz spicy pistachio brittle, 4 oz peanut brittle, 4 oz pecan brittle, and 4 oz peppermint bark.


Raceway Berry Farm​ ​​​- A variety of wildflowers in mason jar arrangements or bouquets.

How to order:​​ To pre-order leave a message at 704-400-3356 or send an e-mail to
Deadline:​ ​Friday, February 5, Noon

Available this week:​ Pussy willow bundles: 18 2-3’ stems – $17 or 25 42” stems – $27


Essential Soap Company​ ​*PO – Handmade, all-natural skin care products

How to order:​ ​Email​ order
Deadline:​ Friday, February 5, Noon
Available this week: ​Soaps, hand and face creams, beard conditioners and beard oils, facial products, body oils, and more.

To Know​: For a complete list of available products for pre-orders and in-person shopping, please visit ​Essential Soap Company

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Davidson Ranked #1 Suburb in North Carolina

Davidson, NC ranked the best suburb in every state. And yes, Davidson is ranked #1 in NC. In our new world of remote work why not live in the best suburb of arguably the best state?

Here is what they said:

North Carolina: Davidson
> Population: 12,666
> Median household income: $128,255
> Homeownership rate: 79.7%
> Avg. commute time: 26.7 minutes
> Metropolitan area: Charlotte

Davidson is less than 20 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. The median household income in Davidson is $128,255 — more than double the median in Charlotte. Educational attainment and incomes are closely tied. While Charlotte has a relatively high bachelor’s degree attainment rate at 43.5%, Davidson’s is much higher, at 74.0%. For context, the U.S. bachelor’s degree attainment rate is 31.5%.

The violent crime rate in Davidson is less than a 10th of the crime rate in Charlotte, which reported 739 murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults per every 100,000 residents.

See full article with methodologies – click here

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