Social Distancing Activities in Davidson, NC – share your ideas

DAVIDSON, NC Here are some things to do in town to have fun and keep your space during this crazy time. Please share your ideas.

  1. Check out “Stickwork” sculpture on Davidson College’s Campus – details

2. Fisher Farm Park – visit our awesome park for some biking, hiking or a walk. park details

3. Visit Davidson’s expanding Greenways – maps and details

4. Download the Davidson College Sculpture Map and explore – map here

5. Local Restaurants Mandolino’s and Flatiron announce removal of tables and chairs to allow for additional personal space of patrons. – details

Chef Jenny at Davidson Ice House

6. Support our local eateries by taking out if you don’t want to dine in.

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One thought on “Social Distancing Activities in Davidson, NC – share your ideas

  1. Suggest that neighborhoods and downtown have “Social Saturday” where people go outdoors from 10-12 noon and stroll, saying hello to friends and neighbors from a safe distance. The 2-hour time block, rather than spread across a full day, would allow for more folks to be present and SEE but not touch, their neighbors, pass on news of those in need and allow good old-fashioned face-to-face communication.

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