This Week’s Davidson Farmers’ Market Vendor offerings – Market is closed

Davidson Farmers’ Market Manager Justin just sent this list of vendors you can remotely shop from while the Farmers’ Market remains closed. Some great, healthy options. If you are able, please support these farmers while the farmers’ market is closed.

This week’s offerings

Gilcrest Natural Farm
A variety of beef, pork, and chicken products 
Orders: Online store, pre-orders
Pick-up: Arranged pick-up locations, Drive-thru at the farm Thursdays 6-7pm (pre-orders only) 
To Know: Sign-up for their mailing list to stay in the know with the most updated info and options.

Heritage Harvest Farms
Wellness honey, mushrooms, and flowers 
Orders: Pre-order on website 
Pick-up: Free home delivery on Saturday 3/21, purchases of $40+
To Know: When making your pre-order select home delivery option. 

Big Oak Farm
A variety of beef and pork products 
Orders: Email pre-orders
Pick-Up: Pick-up at Farm
Know: Beef and pork product quantities are limited 

Hercules Kettle Corn
Fresh kettle corn by the bag
Orders: Email pre-orders
Pick-up: FREE home deliveries within a 10 mile radius of Davidson, other deliveries optional 
Know: $10 Big Herc bag, $6 Little Herc bag

Barbee Farms 
A variety of fresh produce 
Orders: Small or Large CSA bags; Email pre-orders 
Pick-up: Farm stand hours, Thursdays & Fridays noon-5:30pm, Saturdays 10am – 2pm 

1) For small or large CSA bags, each bag will be filled with a variety of items currently available.  Items and amounts will be predetermined. You can choose between 2 size options. When you come to the farm stand, you can stay in your vehicle.  Upon arrival, you tell the employee which size CSA bag you wish, and they bring it out to you, pay and go. This week the CSA bags will include:LARGE  ($ 30.00 ) 2 heads lettuce, ½  lb. spinach, 2 green garlic, 1 lb. green kale, 1 qt. brussels sprouts, 1 lb. sweet potatoes. 
SMALL  ($ 15.00 ) 1 head lettuce, ¼ lb. spinach, 1 green garlic, ½ lb. green kale, 1 pt. brussels sprouts, ½ lb. sweet potatoes

2) For email pre-orders, choose items and amounts needed from the list below. Barbee employees will become your personal shopper.  Upon arrival to the farm stand, you can stay in your vehicle and an employee will bring your order to you.  Please be sure to put your name on the order form as well as a phone number in case there are any questions regarding your order.  Items available this week:Arugula (limited supply), Brussels Sprouts (Pint or Quart), Collards (bunch) Eggs, Garlic (Green), Kale (Green), Lettuce (cut mix limited supply), Lettuce (Red Leaf), Lettuce (Green Leaf), Potatoes (Sweet & White), Raab (bunch), Spinach (bag), Swiss Chard (bunch)

Clark Goff is the 2020 Title Sponsor of the Davidson Farmers’ Market