Dining out – Vinyl Pi – A cool, rocking place to eat great food.

Huntersville, NC     Friday night after soccer practice we decided to hit one of the coolest dining spots in the area, Vinyl Pi.  Located in a small strip mall off 115, it is worth the effort to seek them out.  Each booth in the restaurant is full of rock n roll memorabilia from record albums to concert posters.  It is a walk down rock memory lane.


The menu is large, rock and roll themed, and has something for everyone.  My youngest had the mac and cheese off the School of Rock menu, which he loved.  My oldest had the Pendergrass, a cheese steak with cheese not wiz, which was great plus he had a side of mac and cheese.  The adults had the Large Black Francis Pizza, PEPPERONI, BACON, SAUSAGE, MEATBALL, MOZZARELLA, MARINARA SAUCE BASE,  which was awesome.  Great crust, toppings and sauce.  A first rate pie.


The Vinyl Pi offers a lot of live music, brunch and drink specials.  Too much to cover.  I cannot say enough good thing about their cool dining experience.  There bar scene looked cool too, but we just did dinner.

Vinyl Pi website

Dinner Menu