Marketing My Listings -The Plan

Getting your house sold is my top priority when I get a listing In this post I’ll show you all the steps I take to market a listing.

1) Professional Photography for MLS Listing, Ads, and Blog posts

The cornerstone of the listing is the photography. Great photos make a great listing on the MLS, great flyers in the window, great posters at the Farmers Market, and great blog posts. I am lucky to work with the most talented photographer in the business. Katy make sellers wonder why they are selling after they see her photos. Only work with the best! This service is paid by me.

2) Blog Posts on – 637 Views in 4 Days

I have several Blogs, but my most successful is I use this to write about events in town, new business openings and most of all my listings. I get hundreds and hundreds of views. I post my blog posts on my Facebook pages and boost them. I track all the conversions and can say it is amazing. I also post Open House announcements on the Blog which adds to the success of my open houses.

3)My Booth at The Davidson Farmers Market

I am most proud of my support of the Davidson Farmers Market. I became the Title Sponsor of the market in 2019 and kept my financial commitments though the pandemic and into today. Because I am the head sponsor of the market I am allowed to be there every market. I set up a booth which highlights Davidson, the market, and my listings. We get 1,000s of people through on a Saturday and many are visiting the area for the first time and looking to move. No other Realtor has this benefit. (my booth is on the right)

4)Digital Advertising with Adwerx.

This is company paid marketing that Allen Tate does for every listing and it is very effective. For 7 days listings show up all over your web searches and Facebook. I’ve seen my listings on, and other national websites.

5)Video Walkthrough on Youtube – 575 Views in First Week

With so many homebuyers shopping online I think having a video walk through is critical. During the pandemic I invested in a gimble for my IPhone and editing software so I can make accurate walk throughs. I have sold multiple houses sight unseen and these videos help. With the housing market so hot, many buyers cannot book the flights to make the trip when the perfect house comes up so this is my solution, and it works!

575 Views in First Week

6)Window Flyer in our Office on Main Street in Davidson

Location, location, location. Our office is on Main Street in Davidson and is across from Davidson College and next door the the popular restaurant, The Famous Toastery. We have people at our window looking at our listings all day, every day. This is our secret weapon. We have people looking at the area come in and buy homes. Location!

7)Professional Floor plan with Measurements

This is paid for by me, but is critical for out of town buyers; a floor plan. I get Mike to measure every home and provide a floor plan. This allows buyers from all over to figure out if their furniture fits and if the rooms are a size they’d like. Sight unseen purchases happen more than you realize and this helps with buyer’s comfort.

8)Then there is my social media. Facebook & Instagram

My Facebook page, AboutDavidson, has almost 5,000 followers who love this area. Instagram is almost 2,000. My posts of my listings get great exposure to a demographic we want. Many people share my posts with their friends considering the area.

Check out my Facebook Page here

9) Open Houses

I think open houses are a great tool for getting buyers into a home. Area agents also send their clients into the home if they cannot bring their clients. Open Houses also serve the purpose of adding pressure to buyers who have seen the home and who are considering the home. When they see an open house coming up they are afraid that someone will fall in love with the home and make an offer.

I had a great 2021. Thank you! Here is a link to my website. Clark Goff – Allen Tate Davidson 704 996-0948

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