Small Business Update – Mcleod Organics – Fresh Swordfish and more – Just stopped by and excited

Davidson, NC     Stopped by Bradford Store on Highway 73 today and picked up some fresh swordfish steaks for kabobs tonight.


The gentleman working the fish area (in a mask – thank you) said they get their fish in on Wednesdays and it sells out quickly.  I took a picture of their offerings and he suggested ordering Saturday or Sunday so they can add your order on top of their order.


I am sorry I have not shopped more at this local gem.  I took a video of their outside are and I know I missed a lot, but they are a local business to support if you can.


I’ll let you know how the swordfish kabobs turn out.   Stay Safe!

Here is their card so you can contact.


Thanks for viewing – Clark Goff – Allen Tate Davidson

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