This Week’s Davidson Famers’ Market offerings

Davidson, NC Our Farmers are adjusting to our new reality and giving us options on how to get their offerings. Be Safe everyone. See below:

This week’s offerings

 Friday April, 3
Kathryn’s Cottage Kitchen Salad dressings, pimento cheese, and prepared frozen food Orders: Call or text Ashley to pre-order, 704-574-2074
Pick-Up: Off-site pick-up Friday, 10:00am – Noon, Davidson Library parking lot
To Know: Chicken salad ($7.50), pimento cheese ($6.50), jalapeño pimento cheese ($6.50), blue cheese & ranch dressing ($6.00), frozen homemade chicken Pie feeds 4 ($15.00). 

 Batistini Farms Olive oils, balsamic vinegars, spices, and more Orders: Pre-order online
Pick-ups: Off-site pick-up Friday, 10:00am – Noon, Davidson Library parking lot
To Know:  20% discount on order with the code CARE20. During checkout – under shipping – click the Flat Rate $6.95 and select “Local” which is $0 charge. Under notes add “DFM.”

 Saturday April, 4
Two Pigs Farm A variety of pork, beef, and chicken  Order: Shop online and pre-order for pick-up
Pick-up: Off-site pick-up Saturday, 10:00 am – Noon, Davidson Library parking lot
To Know: A variety of sausage great for any meal during the day 

Gilcrest Natural Farm A variety of beef, pork, chicken, and egg products  Orders: Online store, pre-orders
Pick-up: 1) Off-site pick-up Friday, 9:00am – 10:00am, Davidson Library parking lot, 2) At farm drive thru pick-up: Tuesday Noon – 1:00pm & Thursday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
To Know: Sign-up for their mailing list to stay in the know with the most updated info and options. 

Raceway Berry Farm  Fresh-cut flowers and arrangements Order: Shop online and pre-order for pick-up
Pick-up: Off-site pick-up Saturday, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, Davidson Library parking lot
To Know: Seasonal Arrangements: Mason jar ($10), White ceramic or birch container ($20), Hobnail container ($30)Flower Bundles: Spring flower bundle ($10), Large spring bundle ($20), Anemones ($5), Ranunculus/10 stems ($10), Snapdragons/12 stems ($10), Jar of poppies ($10) 

Heritage Harvest Farms Wellness honey, mushrooms, and flowers 
Orders: Pre-order on website
Pick-up: 1) Off-site pick-up Saturday, 9:00 am – Noon, Davidson Library parking lot, 2) Free home delivery for orders $40+ within a 5 mile radius of Davidson (order on website with code STRONGERTOGETHER)
To Know: Farmer’s Friend Box $40: 1.5lb Oyster mushrooms + Sprouted Spelt/Wheat Sourdough (gluten-intolerance safe) + 7oz Arugula + Jerusalem Artichokes (pint) & One dozen farm eggs Farmer’s Friend Shroom Box $30: 1.5lb Oyster mushrooms & 1lb Velvet Pioppino/Chestnut Mushrooms 

Farmer’s Friend Little Box $25: 1lb oyster mushrooms & Mixed Spring Bouquet.Local Honey: NEW! Body Boost Cordyceps, Immune Impact Reishi Wellness (6oz & pint), Head Honey Lion’s Mane Wellness, Wicked Whiskey (it’s back in limited qtys!), Creamed & Raw (6oz & pint). Broad Spectrum Full Double Mushroom Extracts (2oz): Immune Impact Reishi, Body Boost Cordyceps & (NEW!) Wellness Warrior Chaga + Turkey Tail Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Black Pearl, Velvet Pioppino, Chestnut, Shiitake, Oyster + dried mushrooms.

Flowers: Spring bouquets + bulk buckets available in 2 sizes for DIY flower arranging at home.  

Wednesday April, 8 
Big Oak Farm A variety of beef and pork products Orders: Email Pre-orders
Pick-Up: Pick-up at Farm, OR off-site pick-up Tuesday, Noon – 1:00pm Davidson Library parking lot
To Know: Beef and pork products

Thursday April, 9 
Fair Share Farm A variety of micro-greens, lettuces, juice greens, etc.
Orders: Pre-order online
Pick-Up: Off-site pick-up Wednesday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Davidson Library parking lot
To Know: $25 Produce Box includes a variety of items like spring mix, head lettuce, micro mix, juice greens, Spanish radish, and more – offerings change weekly. 
This week’s offerings

Coldwater Creek Farms Variety of produce, whole wheat flour, grits, and cornmeal

Order: Currently harvesting swiss chard, lacinato and curly kale, beets, carrots,  turnip and watermelon radish bulbs, along with whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and grits
Pick-up: Coldwater Creek Farms is open seven days a week from 10:00 am –  6:00 pm located at 36299 finger road, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124. They are also at Southend Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.
To Know: Coldwater Creek Farms also has Cackleberry Farm’s farmstead cheese and feta.  

Flying Fish Seafood A selection fish and seafood Order: Pre-order online
Pick-up: 106 Eden Street, Davidson, Thursday 3:00 pm – 6:00pm and Friday Noon – 5:00 pm
To Know: This week’s selections are shrimp, sea trout, and catfish

Essential Soap Soaps, essential oils, and more beauty and wellness items Order: Shop online via Etsy
Pickup: Mailed to you!
To Know: 15% off Essential Hand and Body Cream through the end of March. Domestic shipping is free for three or more products ordered.  

Cackleberry Farms Fresh local cheeses Orders: Shop at the farm for a variety of cheeses
Pick-up: Pick-up at the farm, 7300 Untz Road, Concord, NC 28027
Know: Open on Saturdays, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Hercules Kettle Corn Fresh kettle corn by the bag Orders: Email Pre-orders
Pick-up: FREE home deliveries within a 10 mile radius of Davidson, other deliveries optional 
To Know: $10 Big Herc bag, $6 Little Herc bag 

Barbee Farms A variety of fresh produce Orders: Small or Large CSA bags; Email Pre-orders
Pick-up: Farm stand hours, Thursdays & Fridays noon-5:30pm, Saturdays 10am – 2pm
To Know: TWO OPTIONS:1) For small or large CSA bags, each bag will be filled with a variety of items currently available.  Items and amounts will be predetermined. You can choose between 2 size options. When you come to the farm stand, you can stay in your vehicle.  Upon arrival, you tell the employee which size CSA bag you wish, and they bring it out to you, pay and go. This week the CSA bags will include:
LARGE  ($ 30.00 ) 2 bunch asparagus, 1 large Swiss chard bunch, 2 green garlic, ½ lb. spinach, large cabbage, 1 lb. red potatoes. SMALL  ($ 15.00 ) 1 bunch asparagus, 1 small Swiss chard bunch, 1 green garlic, ¼ lb. spinach, small cabbage, ½ lb. red potatoes2) For email pre-orders, choose items and amounts needed from the list below. Barbee employees will become your personal shopper.  Upon arrival at the farm stand, you can stay in your vehicle and an employee will bring your order to you. Please be sure to put your name on the order form as well as a phone number in case there are any questions regarding your order.  Items available this week:Eggs, asparagus, green garlic, kale (green), lettuce cut mix (bag, limited supply), Lettuce head (red leaf, green leaf), White sweet onion, Potatoes (sweet, white), Spinach (bag), Swiss chard (bunch). 

Missing the Farmers Market

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