Davidson Named Richest Town in NC

DAVIDSON, NC  According to 24/7 Wall Street Davidson has a new claim to fame.  Other than being such an amazing place to live it is ranked the richest town in North Carolina.

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33. North Carolina: Davidson
> Median household income: $109,907 (state: $48,256)
> Households earning $200,000 or more: 25.5% (state: 3.9%)
> Adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 69.1% (state: 29.0%)
> Median home value: $393,300 (state: $157,100)
> Population: 12,076

One of only two North Carolina towns where most households earn six-figure incomes, the Charlotte suburb of Davidson is the wealthiest town in the state. As is often the case among towns on this list, in addition to being the state’s wealthiest town, Davidson is also the best educated. Some 69.1% of adults in Davidson have a bachelor’s degree or higher, more than double both the 29.0% share of adults across the state and the 30.3% of adults nationwide.

Davidson may be prohibitively expensive for lower-income families and individuals. The typical area home is worth $393,300, which is more than double the median home value across North Carolina of $157,100.

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