Davidson – Vote Our Locals for the Normys

Davidson, NC   Hey Davidson.  Please take a minute to vote for our local businesses in this year’s Normy Awards.  We want them to win!  It is a great opportunity for our local businesses to promote themselves.  Thanks.


4.  Best Local Gift Shop – Village Store

12  Best Bike Shop – Spirited Cyclist

13.  Best Dance Studio – Dance Davidson

14.  Best Place for a Birthday Party – Davidson Playhouse

21.  Best Catering – Armin’s Catering

28.  Best Local Coffee Shop – Summit

31.  Best Local Pizza – Mandolino’s

40.  Best Breakfast Place – Famous Toastery

44.  Best Local Outside Dining – North Harbor Club

45.  Best Brunch  – Famous Toastery

46. Best Place to Get Dessert/Bakery/Ice Cream or Yogurt Shop/Restaurant – Gateau on Main

66. Best Attorney – The McIntosh Law Firm

68. Best Home Builder – Artisan

79. Best Assisted Living Center – The Pines at Davidson

81. Best Private School – Davidson Day

83. Best Summer Camp – You choose