Calling All 5 & 6 Year Olds – Get Dad to Form your Tribe for Fall.

Lake Norman, NC      It is time to form your Y-guides tribe for fall.   My college age kids still talk about all the fun we had with our tribes.   It’s hard to describe how great Y-guides is for dads and kids to spend time together and “make memories.”  If you have a 5 or 6 year old please look into the program and consider joining.  You will not regret the bond you form with your child, the new friends you will make and the fun you will have.


Tribes of braves and princesses get together throughout the year for meetings or activities organized by the program.  Some highlights are Princess Date Night, Camp-out at BB&T Ball Park after a game, polar bear plunge, Christmas Parade, and, of course Fall and Spring Longhouses.   Kids learn about service too through opportunities to visit Ada Jenkins Center and its Food Pantry and giving back at Classroom Central.

Y-guides Website – Here

Camp Harrison on Facebook – Great Longhouse Option – Here

Promotional YouTube Video – Pretty good

Moms.  It is OK to help your husband sign up and form a tribe, but you will eventually be jealous of all the fun your son or daughter is having as they make great memories with their dad.   I have had a tribe where I knew dads and we formed it and I have had a tribe where we formed at the YMCA information meeting.  Either way, your kids will cherish their time in Y-guides and the friends they make.

246468_205670599563088_1731325066_nDon’t miss out!  Registration begins late summer/early fall.

If you’ve done Y-guides in the past, please tell young families you know about Y-guides and how worthwhile and fun it is.

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Please contact me with any questions about the program.  I did it with my 3 kids over the last 17 years and have attended 30+ Longhouses.  Clark Goff, 704 996-0948

Or contact Y-guides

Karen Credle, Senior Y-Guides Director, YMCA Of Greater Charlotte,  (P) 704 716 6282

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