Great Horned Owl Released in Davidson


Davidson, NC      Davidson residents, and Raptor Center supporters, Greg and Marcy Murphy partnered with the Carolina Raptor center on Saturday April 28 to release a Great Horned Owl back into the wild by the Greenway near River Run.

The Owl was turned in locally with a head injury and nursed back to health at the center.  Davidson is considered an ideal location for the release because of the tree canopy.

These owls are territorial and not common locally so the hope is that it will remain in this area.

You may be aware of the Raptor Center.  They accept injured raptors of all types (eagles, hawks, owls, etc.) that have been injured or are in failing health.  When possible, they nurse them back to health and this culminates in releasing them back into the wild.  They provide great educational programs for kids.

Carolina Raptor Center

So keep your eyes on the trees when you walk the greenway.



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