Are you brave enough to see IT, Davidson? – A Horror Review

Davidson, NC   IT is Showing at Our Town Cinemas  @ 7:10 and 10:10pm  Rated R.

Contributing reviewer – Davidson Foodie

The latest movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is a strong showing that pays homage to both the book and the original series from the ’90s. The latest installment features Pennywise, the Dancing Clown as the main villain, one who succeeds in being more than just a mindless villain who appears for quick jump scares and then proceeds to disappear until the next.  With a level of character development and background rare in horror films, this is not a movie you watch solely for the scares. While some may find the time between jumps to be a bit long, especially earlier in the movie, this time is pivotal for character and scene development to round out the entire experience. With a very memorable villain and solid story, IT is definitely a must see especially for horror fans. Be sure to check Our Town Cinemas for upcoming showings.

Watch the trailer if you dare