Monkees has Moved – luckily not too far!

Davidson, NC    Sandy’s closet just got bigger!

In case you missed it, Monkees has moved to a new location in the Linden across the street from their prior location.  With a need for additional space and owner Sandy Bower’s desire to implement all she’s learned from her 10 years in her old location, the move made sense.

The results are stunning.  The new location is absolutely beautiful featuring all the apparel, accessories and shoes you love,  displayed in an appealing, fresh way.  My favorite features are the bar in the back, the light fixtures and the new shoe display.

The new store is definitely worth a visit when you feel the need to add to your closet.

Monkees is now located at 605 Jetton Street, Suite A on the ground floor of the Linden Apartments.


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